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Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.    PB Enterprises was founded by Pamela Bednarik. She launched this firm as an extension of many years of experience in her professional domain of public affairs, events planning and promotion. Her very extensive and diversified background encompasses a variety of experiences.

     As an integral part of her professional background, she created a recruitment division for a major financial planning consulting firm in Melville, NY. Prior to that she spent nine years developing a successful recruitment operation for a multi-billion dollar financial service corporation.

     Pamela’s passionate involvement in community and governmental affairs has included roles in the Coast Guard Auxiliary as an Officer of Public Affairs. Most recently she has worked as a branch Chief and Public Affairs Officer on a national level. In times of disaster, she worked as a liaison promoting the heroic rescues that were performed by the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary. A great deal of her efforts were focused on promoting the Coast Guard Air Stations and the elite missions that were performed on a daily basis. There were many opportunities to fly and take aerial photos which became a specialty of hers. Since 1992, she has worked in this public relations capacity, arranging events and interacting with the media.

     She has always been active in local politics and has spent a great deal of time on local affairs in Suffolk County, NY. In 1993 she ran for public office for the position of Town Clerk in Islip Township which generated a great deal of media coverage. The NY Times ran a profile on her in the column, "Our Towns” of the Metro Section. Participating in local charities has always been a priority of hers. In the past she has been involved with the Red Cross after the TWA Flight 800 crash and attended a Civilian Police Academy in Suffolk County.

     Today, Pamela is very involved with handling public relations and advertising for a global non-profit organization.

Professional Experience:

·         Ten years marketing, publications and recruitment for a multibillion dollar financial service company.

·         US Coast Guard handling public affairs and community relations. Media liaison promoting heroic rescues.

·         Political campaign experience includes interfacing with local candidates in NY metro area.

·         Book tour promotional work scheduling book tours for professional speakers around the country.

·         Public Relations and advertising for a global non-profit organization.


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