I have known Pamela Bednarik both personally and professionally since 1993. From 1993 through 2001 I was a District Commander holding the rank of captain in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.  From 2001 through 2005 I was the elected sheriff of Palm Beach County, Florida. During this time frame Pamela was an invaluable consultant and photo-journalist, assisting both me and other members of the agency in public relations and promotional campaigns.

Pamela is a motivated ‘get the job done’ person, who needs little direction or assistance. Camera in hand at all times, she has a nose for sniffing out the right settings and snapping those photos that truly are worth 1,000 words. She literally produced and arranged hundreds of quality photos of dozens of events involving the Sheriff’s Office, from k-9 training, to roll calls, to action photos of operations, to social settings such as meetings, award ceremonies, etc.

Pamela has many outstanding attributes: personable, dynamic, attractive, perceptive, moral, ethical, dedicated, hard working, tenacious, enormously trustworthy, and many others. Pamela can be relied upon to keep even the most sensitive information confidential. But above all else, she is loyal, a quality often lacking among otherwise well qualified candidates.

I highly recommend Pamela Bednarik to any individual or firm needing assistance in planning, promoting and organizing any type of event.

-The Reverend Ed Bieluch
Retired Palm Beach County Sheriff

“As the author of How to Learn Anything Quickly (published by Barnes and Noble), I have found Pamela Bednarik’s PR and marketing services by far the best in the country, without question! No one can run a PR campaign like Pamela Bednarik. She not only has the knowledge and the skill to write and communicate effectively but she can connect with major newspapers and magazines to get out public service announcements and publicity. She does it quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Her personal charm and magnetism gets her into doors that no one else can. She is a warm, friendly person who befriends even the toughest staff members of various media outlets, and can get them to run publicity campaigns in ways that no one else can. Because of her great marketing and sales efforts, she has gotten publicity in major newspapers, journals, weeklies, and magazines. Anyone who contracts with Pamela Bednarik can safely rest assured that their events and their promotions and communications will be the absolute best”!

- Ricki Linksman
How to Learn Anything Quickly

“It has been my pleasure to be associated professionally with Ms. Pamela Bednarik over the past eight years. As a physician, keynote speaker, seminar leader and best selling medical author, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Ms. Bednarik on many dozens of projects around the country including public appearances, seminar and workshop bookings and public relations. I have been very positively impressed with the charismatic qualities of charm and helpful friendliness that Ms. Bednarik brings to her work. She maintains relationships with dozens of key contacts around the US and over the eight years I have worked with her, I have been astonished at how smoothly and effectively she works with management, talent professionals and employees at all levels. I believe they all sense in her that most unusual quality – that she is a person who sincerely cares about the people she comes in contact with. She is always interested, kind, responsive and concerned, and additionally she is also a very clear and effective communicator. She also maintains the uncanny and indefatigable ability to motivate others to make decisions in order to move projects forward in a timely fashion. She can organize an ad hoc team and very quickly and instantly sees all aspects of the job to be done and makes sure the execution is swift, flawless and friction-free. When you are working with Pamela Bednarik you are working with someone who will understand and embrace your organization’s mission, promptly organize, communicate, motivate, execute and follow up with her networks and teams. Pamela Bednarik is truly a unique individual whose talents and productivity will be a major asset to any organization in which she works. She has my highest recommendation”.

- Marshall O. Zaslove M.D.
Director of the Zaslove Group

“Ms. Bednarik has been of tremendous benefit to us in referring and building relationships in the small business community of several states. Her business acumen is of the highest level and she has an extraordinary ability to find value in interconnecting individuals and corporations synergistically. She is a gem whose charisma and energy will assist any company fortunate enough to contract with her”.

- David Joffe
Sr. VP of Sales
Long Island Financial Group

“If I were looking for someone to help me in my business to plan and organize events and related communication, I could not think of a better and more qualified person to do so than Pamela Bednarik. As Regional Coordinator for Science of Spirituality (SOS) and a speaker for this non-profit, international organization, I have had the great privilege of working closely with Pamela for the past few years. She coordinates the scheduling of public talks for our region (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York) as well as for other locations across the country. She is exceptional at this. Because of her warm and friendly personality, quiet persistence and excellent communication skills (both written and verbal), she has obtained access for us to speak in many organizations at which we otherwise would never have been able to do so. She is always courteous, professional and very thorough in her contacts, and exceptional in staying in touch, closing the agreement and following-up on the details. She is also a genuinely caring person, toward everyone involved in planning, scheduling and implementation of an event, and this results in a great willingness on everyone's part to work with her again in the future”.

- Jim Rose
VP Quality Management,
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Group (retired)

“ I interacted with Ms. Pamela Bednarik for a year and a half and I give my highest professional and character recommendation to her based on my direct interaction with her. She is a natural leader who enjoys people and not only produces results, but inspires others to produce results as well. She serves in the U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary consistently demonstrating her ability to think strategically and with due regard to rapidly evolving world events. She is highly respected by others at Guard Headquarters in the Photo-Imagery Branch and at the Office of the Chief Director, Auxiliary. She was complimented by the staff of the “Coast Guard Magazine” for superior aerial photographic submissions documenting regional and national points of interest such as lighthouses and Coast Guard operations. She is a hard working, incredibly intelligent team-oriented top performer. The highest recommendation I can give a person is whether or not I would request to serve with them. I would happily request to serve with Ms. Pamela Bednarik. She will be an outstanding team player and a welcome addition to any employer. She has my highest recommendation”.

- Christopher J. Olin, Commander,
U. S. Coast Guard - Deputy Director,
Office of U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

“I would like to express my greatest appreciation for your participation in the collection of food for the Greater Sayville Food Pantry in October, 1998. Without your dedicated support, the food drive at Air Facility Long Island would not have been a success. Your efforts had a positive impact on the Sayville community and are indicative of Team Coast Guard’s dedication to the public. Bravo Zulu”!

- T. C. King Jr,
Coast Guard Group Air Station
Atlantic City

“I cannot thank you enough for all of the effort and support that you have given us regarding “Lighthouse Weekend”. I know that the odds were working against us for the U.S.C.G. Air Sea Rescue demonstration, without the effort that you put forth it most likely would not have happened. It is a pleasant experience to work with you. You always present a very positive outlook, henceforth the Air Sea Rescue demonstration happened”.

- Thomas J. Ambrosio,
Executive Director
Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum

“She is exceptionally talented in meeting new people and developing strong public relations contacts. Ms. Bednarik is a very personable, talented and attractive person who has developed her public affair, public relations and group marketing skills to a very high level in a relatively short time. I highly recommend her as a strong addition to any company needing a new or further developed public affairs, public relations or marketing department”.

- William Huling,
District Vice Commodore
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

”The newspaper articles that you gave me concerning your campaign (for Town Clerk) were outstanding. After speaking with you it was quite evident that you would have run the type of innovative and classy campaign that is described in those articles. I have heard it said that the translation of values into public policy is what politics is about. I believe that you epitomize that thought”.

- Douglas J. Lerose Esq.

“Government in general, and certainly the community need the integrity, enthusiasm, charm and energy you demonstrated during the campaign”.

- Paul Harenberg
Member of Assembly 5th A.D.

“"There is nobody that knows how to work a room like Pamela. With her natural charm, grace & sincerity she comes off like a classy politician, her enormous charisma masking an internal persistence that makes it impossible for people to say no to her when she asks anything of them. Pamela is honest to a fault, and her career advice to me has been almost psychically insightful & beyond brilliant."

- - Carl Leeds

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